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Calculating the quantity of floor tiles for the building.

 For the calculation purpose, let us consider a room of size  12ft.×15ft.

 To calculate the number of tiles needed for this room, first,  we will calculate the area of this room.
Room area = L × B = 12ft × 15 ft.= 180 sq.ft.

Flooring Tiles.

Now, we will consider floor tile of size = 30cm × 30cm 

  Area of one tile = l × b
                           = 30cm × 30cm 
                           = 900

Since the area calculated for the room is in sq.ft., first we will convert the area of one tile into the same unit i.e. into sq. ft.

As you know, 1 sq ft. = 929.03

Area of one tile in sqft.
                        = 900 ÷ 929.03 
                        = 0.969 sq.ft.

Now the number of tiles needed 
                          =  area of room ÷ area of one tile.
                         = 180 sq.ft ÷ 0.969 sq.ft
                         = 185.75 say 186 nos. 

Now let us calculate the no. of tile boxes needed for this room.
Suppose if the no. of tiles in a box is 11 nos. (no. of floor tile in a box varies as per the size, thickness, brand, etc)

Then, dividing the  total  no. of tiles by the no. of tiles in a box, we get

                  186 nos ÷ 11nos 
                    = 16.9 Nos. say,   17 boxes.

 Alternatively, there is a simple method to calculate the no. of boxes required for a room.

After calculating the area of the room, you go to the shop, where you want to buy the tile. You will get the total area of the tile written on the box which it includes.

Simply divide the room area by the area mentioned on the box, and you will get the no. of the box needed to be purchased.


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