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Minimum space required for car parking in a residential building.

 When you build a house, you will keep aside some space for the parking of the car. The dimensions of individual cars are different & in the future, parking becomes difficult when you change the model of your four-wheeler.

I have made a drawing of the car parking space with boundaries, where we can park our car comfortably without any congestion.

Nearly, all models of Indian cars fit within the dimensions of 6.5ft width × 14ft. length. 

Space required to open the car door  👉  2.5ft. on both sides.

                       Front clearance           👉  1.5ft.

                        Back clearance          👉  1.5ft.  

                  Masonry wall thickness  👉  0.5ft.

Total built-up area required = 17.5ft × 13 ft.

                                              = 227.5 sq ft.

                                              = 21.14 sqm.

Total area required for parking the vehicle without boundaries

       = 17ft. × 12 ft.

      = 204 sq ft.

      = 18.96 sqm.

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