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Calculation of water stored in a rectangular tank./ How to calculate the volume of water in a rectangular water tank?

Let us consider a rectangular tank of size as given below.

water capacity of rectangular tank/rectangular water tank/calculation of water stored in a rectangular tank
Rectangular water tank

   Given data:

                  Length = 10ft. 

                    Width = 7ft.     

                  Height = 5ft.

                 Volume = [L × W × H]
                               = [10ft .× 7ft .× 5ft.]
                               = 350cu ft.

Now, as you know  1 cu ft.= 28.317 liters.

 Converting volume into liters,

   = [350 × 28.317]
   = 9910.95 say  9911.0 litres

So, the water that can be stored in the water tank is 9911 liters.

Converting it into gallons,

 1 gallon = 3.785 liters.

Water stored in gallons 

  = [9911 ÷ 3.785] 

  = 2618.5 gallons

If you need a better explanation, then please watch the video given below.


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