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What are shower head filters?- advantages of using shower head filters.

shower head filters/shower filters/advantages of shower filters
shower head filter
    The filters, that are used in the showers to remove harmful chemicals, chlorine minerals, and microorganisms from hard water and make it into healthy and soft water as needed by your hair, skin, and body are referred to as shower head filters.

They come either as an inbuilt system type or attachment from outside to the existing system.

The filter media needed to be replaced at regular intervals depending upon its size, type, and capacity. The time period usually ranges from 3 months (or 3000-gallon water) to one year (or 13000-gallon water)

Several filter media like ceramic balls, activated carbon, zeolite, K.D.F., clay balls, magnesium balls, far infrared beads, ion exchange resins, vitamin c, etc were used in forming the filter layers. Each type of filter media has its own contribution, in softening cleaning and enhancing the quality of water. So they were used in multilayers, forming stages one over the other.

The price of the shower filter depends upon its replacement time, functionality, filtering capacity, usability, etc.

The advantages of using shower filters are, it reduces dandruff formation, prevents hair loss, lessens eye irritation, reduces skin allergy, rough and cracked skin problems, etc. if caused by using the existing tap water.

Nowadays, a wide range of shower filters are available in the market and you can go for the one which suits your need.


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