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All about barbed wire./Different types of fencing barbed wire.

   1. What is a barbed wire?

Barbed wire bundle

Barbed wire in a fence.

Barbed wire is a type of fencing wire with nail-like pointed edges in a group, projected in all the different angles, over the steel strands/cables in the defined intervals.

 The cables are usually made up of two wires twisted one over the other to add strength and to withstand the linear expansion in the changing temperature.

2. What is the meaning of barbed wire?

A sharp projection at the end of the arrow or fish hooks is called a barb. Since the pointed edges coiled over the cable wire appear like a barb, they got the name like barbed wire.

3. What are the different types of barbed wires?

a)   According to the twists in the barbed wires.

1.   Single twisted barbed wire.

They have a single steel wire with barbed sharp pointings at the defined distances as shown in figure.2. The other name given for them is a single-strand barbed wire.

Single strand barbed wire Fig.2.

2.    Double twisted barbed wire.

They have double steel wires twisted with each other with the barbed points attached over them as shown in fig. 3. They are the more secure type of barbed wires when compared to the single twisted type. They are further classified as positive twisted or negative(reverse) twisted types due to the method which is followed at the time of manufacturing them in the machinery.

Double twisted barbed wire Fig. 3.

3.  Traditional twisted barbed wire.

They have two steel wires twisted one over another with the coils of barbed nails passed through them to have more security as shown in fig. 4. The other name for them is a common twisted barbed wire.

Traditional twisted barbed wire. Fig. 4.

b)    According to the materials used in the coating.

1. P.V.C. coated barbed wire.

 Barbed wire is coated with vinyl, which prevents it from rusting in the long run when exposed to marine or harsh weather conditions. The color of the PVC also provides a different look than the normal GI-coated barbed wires. Fig. 5 shows the green-colored P.V.C. coated barbed wire. The other types of colors which are available are yellow, blue, grey, red, etc.

P.V.C. coated barbed wire. Fig. 5.

2. Galvanized barbed wire.

The materials used for the coating are
zinc  (100%) or
zinc (90 - 95%) + aluminum (5 - 10%)
The combination of zinc and aluminum gives better results with enhanced anti-corrosive properties. So they are also referred to as Galfan (galvanization fantastique) wires.

The methods which are mostly followed for the galvanizing are,

  •  Hot dipped galvanizing process &
  • Electro galvanizing process.
The first one is the better option for the longer life with less corrosion of the wires in comparison with the second process of the coating.  Fig. 3. shows the galvanized barbed wires.

3. Stainless steel barbed wire.

Here, the wire is made of stainless steel at the time of manufacturing with different steel grades like 304, 430, 360, etc. It has an extra metallic luster as shown in fig.6.

Stainless steel barbed wire. Fig. 6.


4. What are the materials used in manufacturing the barbed wires?

 The low carbon steel is used in the manufacturing process of barbed wires. The steels have good quality with high tensile strength.  These barbed wires are either coated with PVC material or galvanized by zinc or aluminum + zinc coatings. These coatings will help them to withstand, all types of environmental conditions with anti-corrosion properties. The stainless steel wires with different grades are also manufactured for some specific purposes where high security (military) is the primary goal.

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