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Different types of plumbing pipes.

The plumbing pipe system can be broadly divided into two main types. 

They are,

A.)   Metallic plumbing pipes &

B. ) Non-metallic plumbing pipes.

Now let us observe the different types of pipes which come under each of these categories.

A.) Metallic plumbing pipes.

All the pipes which are made of different alloys and metals come under this system. They can withstand high pressure and temperature with robust and heavier structures. But they corrode and rust with the water and external environment, which you can prevent in the case of non-metallic plumbing pipes.

The different types are given below.

1.  GI plumbing pipe.

GI nipple.

The galvanized iron ( GI ) pipes were produced by treating the iron pipes with the zinc ( sometimes zinc + aluminum ) coating by the process known as galvanization. This surface treatment provides them with excellent anti-rust properties. These pipes are the most commonly used type due to their lower price range in comparison to all other types of pipes made up of different alloys and metals.

2. Brass plumbing pipe.

Brass pipe.

In the olden days, brass and copper piping were the people's choice for the plumbing system of their residential buildings. But nowadays, they were slowly replaced by the different varieties of polymer plastic pipes. The higher cost of the brass pipe made its usage limited.

3. Copper plumbing pipe.

Copper pipe.

The copper pipes are known to have anti-virus and antibacterial properties. But as mentioned above, due to their higher cost they are used only for some specific applications. The other disadvantage is they have poor alkali & acid resistant properties which makes them corrode in a long run.

4. Steel plumbing pipe.

Steel pipe.

These pipes can withstand a high level of temperature and pressure which makes them useful in all such circumstances. They have weather resistant and anti-rust properties, which are the basic necessity in all water piping systems. The main disadvantage is its price, which prevents its wide usage in all types of plumbing works.

5. CI plumbing pipe.

CI pipe.

Cast iron plumbing is a historical piping system that is replaced by all other types of pipings in today's world. But it is known that olden days (120 years old ) plumbing pipes made of these materials still works well with a little maintenance.

B.) Non-metallic plumbing pipes.

All the plastic and cement pipes come under this category. They have anti-corrosive, & anti-rust, properties which make them popular in general usage.

They are as given below.

1. PVC plumbing pipe.

PVC pipe.

Nowadays, polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) pipes are covering almost all types of plumbing needs of the common public. They are anti-rust, anti-corrosive, acid-proof, and alkali proof, which made them suitable for supplying water of any grade. They are available in various dimensions, according to the plumbing needs, within the affordable price range.

2. UPVC plumbing pipe.

UPVC pipe.

UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. As the name suggests when no plasticizers are added to the PVC material they become hard, brittle, and less flexible. This makes it sustain irregular climatic conditions with low maintenance costs.

3. CPVC plumbing pipe.

CPVC pipe.

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride ( CPVC ) is a recommended grade of piping system for the hot (only residential) water supply from the solar water heater and the geysers. They withstand more temperature and pressure when compared to the PVC pipes.

4. ABS plumbing pipe.

ABS pipe.

The full form of ABS is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. They contain plastic hardeners known as BPA (Bisphenol A ) which makes them harder and more shock resistant. They are easy to install in comparison to PVC pipes. They can withstand cold temperatures but they deform when they are exposed to direct sunlight.

5. HDPE plumbing pipe.

HDPE pipe.

High-density polyethylene ( HDPE ) is a type of semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It is a petroleum product, with a hard and durable character. They are available in different sizes with the necessary fittings.

6. PB plumbing pipe.

PB pipe.

Polybutylene ( PB )  is a type of saturated polymer plastic resin. They are a flexible pipe system somewhat similar to the PEX pipe, but with lower bond strength. It reacts with the chlorine present in the water and eventually breaks out after a period of time. It was a popular pipe system in the olden days but due to its leakage and health problems, its use is limited in certain countries.

7. PEX plumbing pipe.

PEX pipe.

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX ) piping system is a flexible type that needs fewer fittings to install. They don't need elbows at 90 degrees as they can bend easily which also shortens the pipe length. They can be used for both the hot and cold water supply and accepted all over the world due to their advantages over other piping systems.

8. RCC plumbing pipe.

RCC pipe.

These pipes are widely used for sewage, culverts, drainage, and irrigation works. They are classified as pressure ( P1, P2, P3, etc ) and non-pressure ( NP1, NP2, NP3, etc. ) pipes. They are available in different dimensions with the collars at one end for joining them together.

9. Asbestos pipe.

Asbestos pipe.

They are produced by adding asbestos fiber as a reinforcement material to the cement in the production process. Due to its health risk, its use is limited in the drainage system and all other underground piping works.

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