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Bleeding of concrete - Causes and its side effects./What is bleeding of a concrete?

1. What is the bleeding of concrete?

Bleeding of concrete is also a type of segregation of concrete where the excess water comes over to the concrete surface when we place a fresh concrete mix.

The specific gravity of water is less when compared to all other concrete ingredients, which makes the excess water in the concrete to form a layer over the fresh concrete surface.

2. What are the causes of the bleeding of concrete?

1. Water/cement ratio: The main reason for the bleeding is adding excess water to the concrete without maintaining the required w/c ratio.

2. Concrete mix design: We have to properly maintain the ratio of finer to coarse aggregates while designing the concrete mix. Any shortage in the finer particles makes the water to segregate more rapidly, creating a channel, to come over to the concrete surface.

3. Adding admixtures: Adding water-reducing admixtures and other concrete chemicals in improper dosage may result in concrete bleeding to a certain extent.

3. What are the problems or side effects created by the bleeding of concrete?

Almost all the concrete bleeds to some extent, removing excess water from its surface, which is quite normal. But when the concrete bleeds excessively, then it certainly creates problems for the concrete structures.

1. Water creates a channel while passing over to the top surface, which makes the concrete permeable to the outer weather conditions.

2. Surface water makes it difficult to finish the top concrete surface before the initial setting time of cement, resulting in the concrete of a less hardened and weak top surface. 

3. In some cases, the escaped water entraps, creating a micro pocket in the concrete, which in turn affects the durability, bonding, and strength of the concrete.

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