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Different types of materials in making window grills.

Window grills are the protective barriers for the window openings,  anchored in the building walls or in the window frames. They provide security for the buildings from theft, animals, birds, etc.

Now let us see the different types of materials with which window grills are manufactured, to provide us with a choice, to select the one we need.

1. Mild steel window grill:

They are the commonly observed type, as they can be easily manufactured by any local fabricator, according to your window size and your preferred design. You have to apply antirust primer coatings and paintings to protect them from rusting. 

2. Stainless steel window grill:

Stainless steel gives a royal and elegant look to your building. They have a shiny surface finish with metallic brightness. They are rustproof but are on the higher budget side when compared to the MS windows.

3. Cast iron window grill:

Cast iron window grills are molded in the foundry by pouring molten cast iron into the preset grill patterns. They are heavier when compared to other types of window grills. These grills are available in standard sizes, and you have to keep your opening according to their size to fit them into the opening accurately.

4. Iron window grill:

These are fabricated and welded using flats and iron rods within the angle frames. They rust easily in moist weather conditions and in rainy seasons. So, yearly maintenance is a must for these grills to have a longer life.

5. Wrought iron window grill:

They are thinner in design when compared to the cast iron. They are manufactured in artistic designs like plant leaves, flowers, birds, animals, etc, and assembled by welding them to give a beautifully curved grill.

6. Aluminum window grill:

Aluminum window grills are the lightest of all the types of available grills in the market. You can see such types of grills in commercial complexes, banks, and public utility buildings.

7. RCC window grill:

When you think of the window grill for the small openings in the sheds, outhouses, garages, etc., the RCC grill is taken into consideration. They come in various sizes having different molded design patterns. These grills are economical, weatherproof, and handy.

8. Sandstone window grill:

Sandstone is carved beautifully to make these window grills. They provide a different look if you select them for the pooja rooms or any such internal wall openings.

9. Wood window grill:

The wood is crafted into various designs to make the grills. We cannot select wooden grills where security is the primary goal of the window grill.

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