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Optimum moisture content & maximum dry density of soil - its importance.

 1. What is the optimum moisture content of soil?

We compact the soil when we use them as the filler material in various types of construction projects. The soil gets compacted fully, having no voids in them when the soil carries moisture content up to a certain level.

soil compaction.

The moisture content level at which the soil achieves its maximum dry density is called the optimum moisture content of that soil.

2. What is the importance of maximum dry density & OMC of soil?

When the construction soil (moorum) is used as the filler material, the first thing we do is, compact them by various methods to densely pack them having no voids in between the soil layers. As the compacted soil acts as a subsurface level to carry the loads, we need to prepare them having no voids between these filled materials. Improperly compacted soil leads to settlements and cracks in the buildings and in the infrastructures like roads, embankments, culverts, etc. So, it becomes necessary to measure the OMC and maximum dry density of soil to reach the required load-bearing strength.

3.  What is 95% of soil compaction mean?

We calculate the maximum dry density of soil in the laboratory using standard proctor or modified proctor density tests on the collected soil samples from the site. The soil so compacted on the site should at least reach 95% of its maximum dry density, which we have calculated in the laboratory, using either of these methods. We use a core cutter at different depths, to calculate the density of the in situ compacted soil.

core cutter.


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