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What is a laser distance measurer? / Laser distance meter.

 Now, let us go through some of the FAQs related to laser distance measurer (LDM ) / Laser distance meter.

1. What is a laser distance measurer?

laser distance measurer
laser distance meter.

A laser distance measurer or laser distance meter is a device to measure the distance between the two objects without moving an inch as in the case of measuring tapes. The LDM measures the distance more precisely and helps in completing the measuring work in a few seconds, saving a lot of your time for doing other works.

2. How does a laser distance meter works? / What is the working principle of laser distance measurer?

The laser distance meter sends a pulse of a laser beam at the targeted object. The emitted laser reflects off the object and comes back to the sending device. This working principle is known as a time of flight or pulse measurement, where the travel time of the laser is calculated accurately and converted into a distance in a required unit.

3. What is the accuracy of measurement in a laser distance meter?

The accuracy of the laser distance meter used for the general purpose usually ranges between 1/8th to 1/16th of an inch i.e. more than enough for the estimation, in civil construction works. The higher-end meters provide a precision of up to ∓ 1mm. in the measurement. 

4. Can we use a laser distance meter outside for measurement?

YES, you can use them anywhere to measure the distance between the two points. The higher range meters have digital viewfinders on the screen to work easily in a broad daylight. 

5. What are the measuring units these LDMs work on?

They show the distance digitally in feet with decimals in inches, & in meters with decimals in cm. You can switch them in any mode at your convenience.

6. What are the other tasks that you can do over these laser digital meters?

You can calculate the area & volume of the room within a few seconds over these meters. When you measure the length & breadth of the room, the meter will calculate the area of the room for you & if you measure the height of the room, then the volume of the room is displayed when you press the volume button. 

We can measure the horizontal as well as the vertical distance for finding the area of plastering, flooring, size of the windows, beams & slab height, etc., and much more.

 Nowadays, these laser distance meters are becoming a must-have device for civil engineers, contractors, or entrepreneurs. They are also useful for all those who are working in the construction field.

These laser distance meters are generally available in measuring ranges of 40m to 250m with different functions like memory, area, volume, etc. for deriving instant results.

The things that we have to look for while buying LDM's are their 

1. Accuracy, 2. Measuring range, 3. Battery life, 4. Value for money, 5. Different operating functions.  6. Warranty and 7. Brand name.

 With all these pros and cons, the best seller in the market is "Bosch laser distance measurer".

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