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Calculating the weight of the MS square bar./ How to calculate the weight of MS square bars of all dimensions?.

 Let us consider an MS square bar of size 20mm × 20mm having 3m. length.

Given data:

Width of the square bar = depth = 20mm., 
Length of the square bar = 3m.


The weight of the MS square bar is calculated by the formula,

  = [d2L / 127.39]


d = 20mm. & L = 3m.

Weight of the bar

  = [20mm × 20mm ×3m / 127.39]

  = 9.42 kg.

Note: In this formula, the sectional dimension should be in millimeters & the length should be in meters.

MS square bar.

So, you can calculate the weight of the MS square bars of any dimension by using this formula.

Now the question is,

How the formula  d2L / 127.39 is derived for the MS square bar?

Let us consider a square bar of sectional dimension d in mm having the length L as shown below.

As you know, in square bars, all 4 cross-sectional sides are equal. 

The volume of the MS square bar

   = [breadth × depth × length]

  = [(d × 0.001) m. × ( d × 0.001) m. ×  L m.]

(1mm = 0.001m. and we have converted all dimensions into the same unit i.e. meter.)

  = 0.000001 d2L cum.


the weight of the MS bar

 = [volume × density]

 = [0.000001 d2L cum  × 7850 kg/ cum]

= 0.00785 d2L kg


By inverse,

Weight of the MS square bar

= d2L / 127.39 kg.

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