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What is 3D foam wall panel stickers?/ What is self adhesive 3D wall stickers?

 Let us now go through some of the quarries related to the 3D foam wall stickers.

1. What are 3D foam wall panel stickers?

3D foam wall panel stickers are self-adhesive wall stickers to decorate the interiors of buildings. They are made of polyethylene protective foams manufactured in a different colored tile design with 3D surface finishings. The back surface is coated with gum or glue for the sticking purpose.  

2. Can we stick 3D foam wall panel stickers on all types of wall surfaces?

3D foam wall stickers need a smooth surface finish to make a good adhesion and ensure long-lasting sticking abilities. 

They can be used over 

👉 1. Painted wall surfaces.

     2. Surfaces having wallpapers.

     3. Plastered surface finished with wall putty. 

     4. All types of wooden surfaces and cabins.

     5. Glass & painted metallic surfaces.

They cannot be used over

👉 1. Rough brick wall surfaces without plaster.

      2. Wall having dampness due to seepage or any such factors. 

3.  What is the size & thickness of 3d wall panel stickers?

The thickness of the 3D foam stickers varies from 5mm - 8mm. 

The standard size of the foam wall sticker is 70cm × 77cm.

They are available in other sizes as per manufacturers' design in 70cm × 70cm., 65cm ×  77cm. etc.

4. What are the advantages & disadvantages of 3D foam wall stickers?


1. The sticker surface can be washed easily and all types of stains can be removed. 

2. Provides an aesthetic look to the wall surface with a 3D surface finish.

3. The spongy surface provides protection from any casualties to children and elderly people when compared to the hard wall surface.

4. You can do the sticking job by yourself and no skilled worker is needed to fix the foam stickers.

5. They are lightweight, & you can order them easily from online stores as per your choice.


1. They are flammable and are not fireproof.

2. Touching with any sharp objects (knife ) may cut them or make a scratch mark over them.

3. If you want to paint the wall, removing them is a time-consuming job & you have to scratch the wall surface to remove the glue before painting.

5. What is the price of 3D foam wall panel stickers?

The price of the 3D foam wall sticker depends upon

1. The thickness of the foam sticker.

2. The length & width of the sticker.

3. Type of sticker design, color & pattern. 

4. Manufacturer & brand of the3D sticker.

Considering the above factors, the price of the 3D wall sticker ranges from INR 40/- to INR 100/- per square foot.

6. Can we paint the surface of  3D foam wall stickers?

No. you cannot paint the 3D foam stickers surface, as it is made of polyethylene material. If you want to change the color, you have to purchase a new one as per your color choice.

7. Can we use the 3D foam wall stickers over the exterior wall surface?

It is always advisable to use the 3D foam stickers over the interior wall surface as they are made of delicate material. Due to the external atmospheric conditions, they will fade easily & will not last for a longer period of time.

8. Can we use 3D foam stickers over room ceilings?

Yes. 3D foam stickers give a royal look when you use them to decorate the ceilings.


Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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