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What is the difference between joggled bar & a staggered bar in civil construction?

1.  Joggled bar:

When we provide lapping in the reinforcement bars, we bend either of the two bars to align them with each other. These bent-up bars are called joggled bars in the civil field.

Sometimes, the bars provided in the structural members offset their original position due to technical and human errors. In such cases also, the bars are joggled, to bring them back in their required position from eccentricity.

Why we joggle the reinforcement bars in the Civil construction?

1. To maintain the uniform clear cover for the reinforcement bars.

2. To bring back the drifted rebars in their specified position.

3. To maintain the center-to-center distance between the rebars.

4. To prevent the imbalance in the load transfer from one RCC structure to another.

2.  Staggered bar:

When we provide lapping in the bars, the level of the lapped part of the bar is kept in up and down position from one another. This method of lapping in different levels in all types of structural members is called as staggering of the bars.

Why we provide staggered reinforcement bars in the lapping zone?

1. To prevent the buckling of the RCC structure.

2. To resist the lateral loads with a given factor of safety.
3.  To prevent the failure of the structure at the lapping zone.

4. To resist the bending moment and to safely transfer the superimposed load.

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