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What is thermocol ceiling? - advantages & disadvantages.

 The thermocol sheets are used to create the secondary or false ceiling to enhance the architectural look of the building's interior.

The thermocol sheets can be cut, carved, & engraved easily to create the required designs & patterns over the false ceilings.

Thermocol false ceilings are cheaper, light in weight, & help to cool down the interior room temperature.

Now you may start thinking, 

What is a thermocol material?

Thermocol is a hydrocarbon polymer made from the monomer known as styrene. The technical name of thermocol material is polystyrene.

They are light in weight & are not biodegradable. They are flammable material, leaving black smoke upon burning.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of thermocol ceiling?


1. Reduces temperature:

 Thermocol acts as a barrier for heat transfer from the ceiling of the building. It creates a cool interior, especially in the summer season.

2. Lightweight:

The thermocol sheets are light in weight, thus the load transferred over the building structure is negligible.

3. Economical:

The false ceiling created by the thermocol material is very cheap when compared to all other types of secondary ceilings.

4. Easy to work:

Cutting, creating designs, & placing them in the required position is an easy job with thermocol material.  The ceiling work can be completed in very little time & two to three workers can finish the installation job.

5. Covers the open wiring:

If any open wiring system is installed in the ceiling, the thermocol sheet hides them to give a good interior look.

6. Aesthetic appearance:

Any fixtures like flat LED lights, CCTV cameras, chandelier lights, etc. can be set in the ceiling work to bring a royal look to the home interior.

7. Easy to paint:

You can paint the thermocol ceiling with any required color to enhance the richness of the room.


1. Hides ceiling defects:

If there is any dampness, seepage, or cracks in the ceiling, you cannot recognize them due to the coverage of the false ceiling. This ultimately weakens the building, as you cannot take timely action to repair the structure.

2. Flammable material:

The thermocol sheet catches fire in the event of fire hazards, as they are a flammable material.

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