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Different types of rebar tying tools in construction. / Automatic rebar tying machine.

 Let us go through the different types of tools that we can use to tie the reinforcement bars in construction.

1. Manual tying hook:

These hooks are the basic manual rebar-tying tools. The binding wires are cut to the pre-required length to tie the reinforcement steel.  You have to twist the binding wires manually to create a knot having a firm grip. Manual tying hooks are the most common type, used in all parts of the world. 

2. Semi-automatic tying tool:

The binding wires are held by the hook after positioning them at the rebar junctions. The handle of the hook is pulled in the upward direction to create a twist. The hook rotates in the clockwise & anti-clockwise direction when you move the handle in to & fro motion. Here, manual action is not required to create the twist in the binding wire.

These semi-automatic tying tool saves much of our time which otherwise get wasted in twisting the wires.

3. Rebar twisting tool:

Rebar twisting tools are semiautomatic tying tools similar to the no-2 type, as shown above. Instead of hooks, the wires are held in between the jaws of the tool. You can cut the extra wires as they also act as cutting pliers.
 The main advantage is, both the twisting & cutting action over the binding wire can be done by using a single tool.

4. Rebar tying machine:

They are power-operated automatic rebar binder machines. The tie wire coil is loaded into the machine & the front arm can be adjusted as per the diameter of the steel bars. By pressing the trigger button you can tie the rebar. It has a rechargeable battery with approximately 3500 to 4000 ties per charge. This automatic tying machine takes 1 to 2 sec. per tie. We cannot use normal binding wires & they operate only when we insert the specified wire coil.

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