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Why there is an air vent in the overhead tank?/ Why do we provide T- pipe in the overhead tank?

 1. Why do we provide an air vent in the overhead tank?

When we utilize the water from the overhead tank, the air occupies the empty space created by the outflow of water. When we pump water into the tank, the air needs an immediate outlet to move out.

 The air vent helps in the easy circulation of air in the overhead tank. The air bubble separates out of water due to their lighter wt. & passes through the air vent pipes.

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2. What are the different locations for providing an air vent?

As you can observe in the above drawing, the air vents are provided in three different locations.

1. The air vent can be provided directly over the top surface of the tank.

2. The air vent can be installed perpendicular to the outlet or delivery pipe.

3. In the smaller capacity overhead tank, the overflow pipe acts as an air vent for circulation. Adding an extra T - pipe can be avoided as an overflow pipe does this job.  

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3. What happens if an air vent is not provided in the overhead tank?

If we don't provide an air vent in the overhead tank, the following 3 things will happen.

1. The air creates pressure over the pump as the air does not have an easy outlet.

2. The air flows in the outlet pipe and the laminar flow of water gets disturbed.

3. If the tank is in an empty state,  the air flows into the plumbing pipe when you pump water. Initially, these air bubbles come out of your plumbing tap creating a nuisance. 

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