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How to calculate the number of interlocking paver blocks required for any given area?

Let us consider the parking area as shown in the below drawing for the calculation purpose.

Given data:

Length of the parking space =20 ft.

The breadth of the parking space = 18 ft.

Total parking area 

      = length × breadth

      = 20 ft. × 18 ft.

      = 360 sq ft.

The interlocking paver blocks are available in huge no. of patterns, shapes, & models. The dimension of individual design differs from the other.

When the manufacturer delivers or distributes their paver models of a given dimension, they provide the specification for the customers as shown below.

As mentioned by the manufacturer,

The coverage area of  I- shape interlocking paver block = 2.9 nos. per sq ft.

So, the total no. of paver blocks required

     =[ total parking area × no. of paver blocks per sq ft.]

    = [360 sq ft. × 2.9 nos./ sq ft.]

     = 1044 nos.

Adding 5% extra for the wastage & future use

 = [1044 nos. + (1044 × 5 ÷ 100)]

= [1044 + 52.20]

= 1096.20 nos. say 1097 nos.

Let us do the same calculation procedure in the table format for our convenience as shown below.

Sl. No.


Parking area

in sq ft.

Pavers required/sq ft.

in nos.

Total No. of paver blocks


I-shaped paver block



1044 nos.


                                                                              Add 5% wastage =

52.20 nos.


                          Total no. of I-shaped paver blocks required=

1096.20 nos.


For your reference, I have downloaded two more cuttings of the data provided by the manufacturer. 

Here, the area covered by the paver block is given per sqm.

i.e. area coverage = 35 pieces/sq m.

So the no. of paver blocks/sq ft. = 35 ÷ 10.764

                                                   = 3.25 nos.

(As 1 sq m. = 10.764 sq ft. )

Total no. of paver blocks required

= [360 sq ft. × 3.25 nos./ sq ft.]

     = 1170 nos.

Adding 5% extra for the wastage & future use

 = [1170 nos. + (1170 × 5 ÷ 100)]

= [1170 + 58.5]

= 1228.5 nos. say 1229 nos.

For you ðŸ‘‡

❤ The cost of fixing interlocking paver blocks./ Rate analysis of paver block flooring.

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day😄.

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  1. Very helpful but I got confused when I got to the 10.764 pls how did you get it sir thank you

  2. 1 sq. m. = 10.764 sq. ft. I have calculated pavers/sq. ft.

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