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How to calculate the volume & weight of a concrete cube?

Let us go through the procedure to calculate the volume & weight of the standard concrete cubes used in the lab. testing.

Given data:

Dimension of the cube

= 150mm. × 150mm. × 150mm.

= 0.15m. × 0.15m. × 0.15m.

1. Volume of the cube is calculated  by the formula

   = [length × breadth × height]

In any cube, all the 3 sides are equal

i.e. length = breadth = height = s

So, the volume of the concrete cube

  = [0.15m. × 0.15m. × 0.15m.]

  = 0.003375 CUM.

2. The weight of the concrete cube

    = [density × volume.]

As you know, the density of concrete =2400kg / CUM.

  The weight of the concrete cube

   = [2400 kg./ CUM × 0.003375 CUM]

  = 8.1kg.


          1. The density of RCC = 2500kg./CUM &

          2. The density of PCC = 2400kg. / CUM.

The concrete cube does not contain a reinforcement. So, its density will be 2400 kg / CUM.


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