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What is random rubble masonry? - Thumb rules in RR masonry calculations.

 👀.  What is random rubble masonry?

In random rubble masonry, the specified stones of rough & irregular size are used to build the structures.

The RR masonry is further categorized into

a. Un-coursed RR masonry:

The stones are arranged by roughly dressing or chiseling them without any layers in the construction works.

b. RR masonry built to course:

The stones are laid in courses of somewhat equal height by neatly dressing & hammering them. The stones of equal size are selected to build the outer face of the wall & to maintain the layers.

👀.. What are the thumb rules used in the rate analysis of RR masonry works?

In the RR masonry work, we use stones that are irregular & unequal in their sizes. So, we cannot do an accurate estimate of the materials required in doing RR masonry. 

As mentioned below, certain thumb rules are followed in the estimation & rate analysis of RR masonry works.

1. The stone required for the RR masonry is 1.25 times the total volume of the work.

Suppose, if the volume of the RR masonry wall = 10 cu ft. 

The volume of the stone procured to build the wall = 1.25 × 10 cu ft. = 12.5 cu ft.

2. The dry volume of the mortar required for the RR masonry work will be 40% of the total volume of the RR masonry.

Suppose, if the volume of the RR masonry wall = 10 cu ft. 

The required dry vol. of the mortar = [40 × 10 cu ft.÷ 100] = 4 cu ft.

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👀.  Calculating the cost of stone (random rubble) masonry work./ Rate analysis of random rubble (stone )masonry work.

👀.. What are the factors that affect the required volume of the materials in RR masonry works?

Various factors that affect the stone & mortar vol. in the RR masonry are,

1.  The structural dimension.

2. Shape & size of the stone.

3.  Type of RR masonry work.

4. Volume of stone chips used.

5. Thickness of the joints.

6. Height of the individual course or layers.

7. Degree of neatness in chiseling & dressing the stone.

8. Surface finish, texture & type of stone used.

9. Wastage of materials.

Depending upon the above factors, the required dry vol. of the mortar varies from 35% to 45% of the total vol. of the masonry. 

Similarly, the required volume of stones ranges from 1.2 to 1.3 times the total masonry volume.

We consider the average of the consumed material to bring the estimation or rate analysis, nearer to accuracy.

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  1. May I know the percentage cost (of total estimate) for random rubble masonry of a 1000 Sq. Ft house. I mean, if the estimate is for RS.15 lakhs l, how much will be the approx. Cost of RR Masonry.


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