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13 points to consider while fixing aluminum windows./ Checklist for fixing of an aluminum window./ Installation procedure of aluminum windows.

 Following are the 13 points that should be checked for the fixing of aluminum window frames.

1. Size:

The length & breadth of the window opening should be checked to select the proper type of frames.

The building contains window openings having different dimensions. So, measure the size of the openings beforehand to cut & place the aluminum frames accordingly.

2. Diagonal:

The diagonal of the window opening should be checked before cutting the aluminum frames. If the opening is not accurate, you cannot screw the aluminum frames to the wall. If the difference is within 2 to 3mm., we can make up those errors by gap filling.

3. Track:

Ensure the number of tracks in advance before the installation of the aluminum window. You should be confirmed if any track contains mosquito mesh instead of glass.

4. Material quality:

You have to ensure the quality of aluminum materials in advance. They should be free of cracks, dents, burrs, etc. over the surface. The aluminum should have smooth finishing with a uniform leveled surface.

5. Rubber packing:

All the rubber packing materials should be in good condition without any cuts or dents. 

6. Glass:

The thickness of the glass should be checked before installation. The type of glass should be known before cutting & fixing them in the aluminum frame.

7. Position:

You should measure the distance of the frame from all the corners of the wall surface. Suppose if the window is 15mm. within the openings, the window should be positioned accordingly.

 If the frame needs to be flushed to the wall surface, you have to observe the same for its accuracy.

8. Leveling:

Once brought to its position, the frame should be leveled by using a spirit level. The upper & lower part of the window should be in perfect leveled condition.

9. Plumb:

The verticality of the aluminum frame is set by using the plumb bob & spirit level. The plumbing should be checked for both sides of the frame. 

10. Screwing:

You have to ensure that all the sides of the frame are properly screwed into the wall having a firm grip. The aluminum frame should not move at any angle when you twist them with your hand.

11. Gap-filling:

After fixing the window, the minute gaps should be filled with the specified sealants from all sides. This prevents the entry of water in the rainy season.

12. Locking system:

You have to check for the smooth working of the locking system. All the handles should be checked for their proper screwing & correct position.

13. Operation:

The track should be moved to & fro several times to check for its smooth movement without any hurdles. The roller should be held firmly over the tracks. You should not feel any looseness in them.

If you find the movement is not appropriate, rectify them for its easy operation.

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