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9 things to check before painting over existing old paint./ Points to consider while repainting over old paint.

 Following are the 9 points or checklist to be observed, before repainting over the older one.

1. Type of paint:

Broadly, the paints are classified into 13 different types, depending upon their composition & application.

To know the different types of paints,    Go through the article 👇

❤ Types of paints used in civil engineering./Different types of paints used in buildings.

The most common among them are enamel paint, distemper, oil paint, cement paint, & emulsion paint.

When we repaint, if the existing paint falls under a different category, then it becomes necessary to scrape them completely. 

For eg.

1. Old paint 👉 distemper         →  new paint 👉 oil paint, → scrap the distemper.

2. Old paint 👉 oil-based paint →  new paint 👉  water-based paint, → scrap the old paint.

3. Old paint 👉 distemper         →  new paint 👉  distemper, → scrapping may not be necessary.

2. Color of paint:

If the existing paint is of a darker shade, &  now you want a lighter color, use a primer. Scrapping is not necessary if the older one is in a good look without any defects.

3. Age of the paint:

The life span of the paint is about 4 to 7 years depending upon its type & quality. If the existing paint has expired its timeline, then you have to scrape them off. Removing them enhances the look & life span of the newer paint coats.

4. Stain & dents:

If the wall has stains, wash the surface after applying the required stain remover. Fill the dents with epoxy & rub the surface with sandpapers to have a uniform finish.

5. Efflorescence:

If there is efflorescence & dampness in the wall, scrape off the whole wall. Treat those defects with suitable chemical compounds. Once the problem is eradicated, repaint with primer as a base coat.

6. Surface finish:

  Undulations & cracks over the wall base should be neatly finished by using crack fillers, epoxy, wall putty, etc. Look out for such defects by focusing light or torch over the wall. The existing paint may hide such defects when you observe them casually.

7. Peeling: 

If you find the existing paints have patches of peeling over the wall area, scrapping them is a must before repainting. Peeling indicates the weak bonding of the paint over the wall.

 If the new paint is applied directly over them, the whole coat of paint will come apart shortly.

8. Fungus & algae: 

Antifungal treatment is a must before investing in the repainting work. Otherwise, the newly painted wall will not be spared, as the paint itself does not block the fungal growth.

9. Wrinkle & flaking:

If you observe wrinkle & flaking in the older painted surface, scrape the whole area & finish them with sandpaper. The fresh paint won't last long on such surfaces.


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