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Checklist for window & door openings./ Points to check while providing door & window openings.

 While providing the openings for the doors & windows in the building, we have to consider the following 4 points.

1. Level:

The top level of the sill should be fixed for its measurement from the benchmark floor level of the building. As you can observe in the below-given drawing, the height of the sill is shown as 900mm. ( 3 ft.). 

The top level of the sill should be transferred from the benchmark of the floor level using a water level tube. If the floor level is already established below the opening, you can directly fix the sill height from the top of the floor by using a measurement tape.

The bottom height of the lintel level should be fixed at both ends of the window opening. The measurement should be taken from the sill level to fix the lintel height.

You have to check the surface level of the sill by using a spirit level as shown in the drawing.

In a similar manner, the bottom level of the lintel should be adjusted by using the spirit level.

2. Plumb:

The verticality of both the masonry surface of the window should be checked & brought to the required alignment. You can use a plumb bob or spirit level to do this plumbing job as shown in the drawing.
The top & bottom ends of the opening should be checked for fixing the vertical surface.

3. Measurement:

The top & bottom length of the window should be measured as per the given drawing. You have to keep 4 to 5mm. extra for the easy fixture of the window frames.

As you can view in the above drawing, the length of the window is given as 1500mm. (5 ft.). While keeping the size of the opening, you have to measure 1505mm. Here, 5mm. is taken as the extra cushion for easy frame installation in the future.

In a similar way, the height of the window should be measured on both sides, i.e. 1205mm., by keeping 5mm. as an extra length.

4. Diagonal:

The diagonal of the window opening should be checked as shown in the above drawing. The diagonals of the window should be 1928mm. (red dotted line) for the given measurements. The accuracy in the diagonal keeps the opening in a perfectly rectangular shape.

The diagonal of the window can be calculated by using the Pythagoras theorem.

i.e. diagonal length = √ 15052 + 12052

                                = 1928mm.

Note: The same procedure works well while we keep the openings for the doors.

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