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What is SPC flooring?- Their dimension, price, & advantages.

 1. What is SPC flooring?

SPC stands for stone polymer composite flooring. The core layer is made of vinyl & calcium carbonate powder composites. While flooring, SPC planks are joined with one another by a click-lock system.

2. What are the different layers in SPC planks?

The SPC flooring is comprised of 5 layers as shown in the image.

Note: The image was taken from the Royal crystal product gallery.

1. UV coating: Top layer that protects the SPC planks from the color fade due to sunlight.

2. Wear layer: Provides resistance against scratch & any dent marks.

3. Film layer: Printed layer to give the desired look to the SPC planks.

4. SPC core: This is the rigid main part of the plank made of vinyl polymer, stone powder, & stabilizers. 

5. Back layer: Base layer to sandwich the SPC core in between. 

3. What are the specification or dimensions of SPC flooring?

Standard 👇

Size      👉 4 ft. × 0.5 ft. ( 6")

Thickness 👉 4mm.

Top printed layer 👉 0.3mm.

Available dimension 👇

Length 👉 4 ft. to 7 ft.

Width  👉 0.5 ft. to 1.0 ft.

Thickness 👉 3.2mm. to 7.0mm.

Top printed layer 👉 0.2mm. to 0.7mm.

4. What is the market price of SPC flooring?

SPC floorings are available in the price range of INR 100/- to 180/- per sq ft.

The factors that affect the SPC plank price are 

a. Type of printed design.

b. Plank thickness.

c. Width & length of the plank.

d. Thickness of Wear layer & UV coating.

e. Manufacturers name, product brand & warranty.

The installation cost varies from INR 10/- to 15/- per sq ft.

5. What are the advantages & disadvantages of SPC flooring?


1. SPC flooring is 100% waterproof. They do not rot or deteriorate due to the moisture or dampness in the floor level.

2. SPC flooring is washable & easy to clean.

3. They are free of carcinogenic chemicals & are environment friendly.

4. Easy installation due to click-lock system and that helps to maintain the alignment of flooring.

5. SPC material does not catch fire easily, as they have fire-resistant properties.

6. They have a good scratch-resistant property when compared to the WPC or other similar materials.

7. SPC flooring provides a comfortable feeling while walking.

8. They have good resistance to thermal expansion & contraction.


1. Life span is less when compared to natural stones or ceramic tiles.

2.  Expensive, when compared to the regular ceramic tiles.


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