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How to calculate the volume of the swimming pool?/ Calculating the maximum capacity of swimming pool.

 Let us calculate the volume of the swimming pool as shown below.

Let us divide the swimming pool into two sections as shown in the red dotted line.

   1. Section-1  👉   rectangular prism.

   2. Section-2  👉   triangular prism.

1. The volume of a rectangular prism:

Given data:

Length = L = 15m.

Width = W = 6m.

Depth = D = 0.9m.

Now, the volume of the rectangular prism

   = [length × width × depth]

   = [ 15m. × 6m. × 0.9m.]

   = 81 cum.

2. The volume of a triangular prism:

The volume of the right-angle triangular prism 

     = [0.5 × base × depth × width]


  Base  = [15m - 4m.]

            = 11m.

  Depth = [1.8m - 0.9m]

            = 0.9m.

 Width = 6m.

Putting the values in the above formula,

The volume of the triangular prism 

  = [ 0.5 × 11m. × 0.9m. × 6m.]

  = 29.7m.

The volume of the swimming pool

    = Volume of [section -1 + section -2 ]

    = [ 81 cum. + 29.7 cum.]

    = 110.70 cum.

The maximum water holding capacity of the swimming pool:

As you know, 1cum = 1000 liters.

 Maximum capacity of swimming pool

  = [ total volume. × 1000 liters]

 = [ 110.70 cum. × 1000 liters]

 = 1,10,700 liters.

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.



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