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How to calculate the angle of staircase?/ Calculating slope of staircase.

 Let us now find out the angle or slope of the staircase as shown below.


If riser & tread are known.

Given data:

Riser = 160mm.

Tread = 250mm.


     = [riser ÷ tread]

     = [ 160mm.÷ 250mm.]

     = 0.64

Here, slope = tanθ


tanθ = 0.64

θ = tan-1 0.64

  = 32.62°

2. Type-2

If the height & horizontal distance of the staircase are known.

Given data:

Height of landing = 1300mm.

Horizontal distance = 2000mm.

tanθ = [opposite ÷ adjacent]

        = [height ÷ horizontal distance]

         = [ 1300mm.÷ 2000mm.]

     = 0.65

θ = tan-1 0.65

  = 33.02°

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.

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