All about civil construction knowledge- PARAM VISIONS

Area calculator for irregular-shaped land./ Area calculator for odd size plots or land.


1. The calculator should be used only when the two sides of the land are parallel to each other.

2.  The perpendicular distance between the two parallel sides, i.e. h can be measured directly on land, if not known.

3. The formula to calculate the area of type-1 & type-2 are the same. So, you can use the below-given calculator for both types of land.

Type 1 :

 Two sides AD & BC are parallel to each other and all 4 sides have different lengths.

Type 2:

 Two sides AD & BC are parallel to each other & side DC is perpendicular to these two parallel sides.

The area calculator for the MKS system & FPS system is given separately. Calculate according to your requirements.


This calculation tool has been created with the greatest possible care. However, we cannot be held liable for its correctness.

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