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How to calculate the volume & weight of material in a Hyva truck?/ Calculating the quantity of sand in a hyva truck.

 Let us calculate the quantity of sand in a hyva truck as shown below.

As you can observe in the above image, the truck body is tapered at one end & the sand is filled above the container level of the truck.

So, the length of the container should be measured at the top ( L1) & bottom (L2) of the body (inner length) & average length should be calculated.

Now the question is, how to find the depth of the sand as it is above the container level?

You have to insert 16mm. steel rod at different locations from the top of the sand, until it touches the bottom level. At least 3 readings should be taken to find the average depth (D). If you take more readings at different points, it will increase the accuracy of the calculated average depth.

Now let us consider a hyva truck with measurements as shown below.

Given data:

Top length = L1 = 5m.

Bottom length L2 = 4.3m.

Width = W =2.25m.

Depth h1 = 1.95m.

Depth h2 = 2.15m.

Depth h3 = 1.9m.


The volume of sand 

V = [average length х breadth х average depth]


Average length

L = [L1 +L2 2]

   = [5m. + 4.3m. 2]

  = [9.3m 2]

 L= 4.65m.

Average depth

D = [h1 +h2 +h3 2]

    = [1.95m. + 2.15m. +1.9m. 3]

   = [6 3] 

  D = 2.0m.

The volume of sand 

V = [ L х W х D]

     = [ 4.65m. х 2.25m. х 2m.]

   V = 20.925 m³.

The vol. of sand in cu. ft

  V = [20.925 х 35.315]

  V = 738.97 ft³

The vol. of sand in brass

= [738.97 ft³ 100]

= 7.39 brass.

The wt. of sand in a ton

= [volume in m³ х density in metric ton/ m³]

= [20.925m³  х 1.6 ton/ m³]

 = 33.48 ton.

Note: The density of sand varies from 1.5ton/m³. to 1.9ton/m³. depending upon the type & particle size of sand. However, for the calculation purpose, 1.6 ton/ m³ is considered.

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.



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