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A Safe distance of the house from a high tension wire./Disadvantages caused by high tension wires.

1. What should be the safe distance of building from high tension wires?

There is a guideline for the minimum clearance required from the high tension lines for the construction of a building. The clearance varies depending upon the voltage category of the high tension lines.

As per IS-5613, Part-2, sec-1, the horizontal & vertical distance of the objects from the high tension wires are as follows.

 2. Can we buy a home or land near high tension wires?

The high tension wires produce an electromagnetic field & static electricity up to a certain range. We can buy or construct a building, beyond the advisable range from the high tension lines.

Before laying the high tension line, the concerned authority acquires up to 9m. of land on either side of the line as a passage. This space is required for periodic maintenance & to avoid any future accidents.  

 Before purchase, we have to check the documents for their legality. If the land is directly beneath the tension lines, there is a chance of encroachment, without taking permission from the concerned authority.

3. What are the disadvantages caused by the high tension wires?

1. The high tension wires create a humming sound, that may distract our sleep & mental peace.

2. It creates a kind of vibration, that can irritate a sensitive person, as our body is not harmonious to such frequency.

3. If you are within the danger zone, the electromagnetic waves distort your body cells, which gives rise to premature aging & cancer. 

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