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What are laminated wooden floorings?/FAQs over laminated (engineered ) wooden flooring.

 1. What are laminated wooden floorings?

Laminated wooden floorings are synthetic floors, that are manufactured to have a wooden appearance.

The core material of wooden planks is made of 

MDF 👉 medium-density fiberboard or 

HDF  👉 high-density fiberboard. 

The wear layer is made of abrasion-resistant laminates. The wooden floorings are classified into various grades depending upon the abrasion class of laminates.

 They are 👉  AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5, and AC6.

Where AC stands for abrasion class.

   AC3 & AC4 are the preferred type for residential buildings. In my opinion, AC4 is the best-suited grade as the price & quality of the material is balanced.

2. What are the specification or dimensions of laminated wooden floorings?

The standard dimension of laminated wooden flooring planks are

 The thickness  👉 6mm. to 15mm.

             Length 👉 1215mm.

               Width 👉  195mm.

3. What is the market price of laminated wooden flooring?

The cost of the flooring material depends upon the different grades of laminate and fibreboard density. The cost increases as you go for the higher abrasion class laminates.

 The Indian market is captured by the materials made in 4 different countries. They are China, India, Malaysia & Germany. The China-made materials are cheaper & they are available for around INR 40/- per sqft. The German flooring materials are costlier of all 4 origins.

The floorings are made in different patterns such as regular, herringbone, & customized patterns. The regular patterns fall in a normal price range & customized patterns cost you more. 

So, depending upon the above factors, the cost of material ranges from INR 40/- sqft. to INR 480/- per sqft.

4. What are the advantages & disadvantages of wooden flooring?


1. Cost-effective when compared to hardwood flooring.

2.  Easy to install. 

3. Abrasion resistance.

4. Royal appearance.

5. Easy to clean & maintain

6. Offers a variety of designs.


1. Cannot be refurbished.

2. Not moisture-proof.

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