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What are motorized or automatic curtains?

Let us go through some of the FAQs related to motorized or automatic curtains as below.

 1. What are motorized or automatic curtains?

The curtains, which can be opened or closed by using remote control are said to be motorized curtains. You can open the curtain by push of a button from anywhere in the room. 

2. How do the curtains open automatically?

The track of the curtain is connected with a motor hanging vertically at the edge. The cords within the track are attached to the curtain hooks. The motor pulls the cord in both directions to open or close the curtain.

3. What are the pros & cons of motorized curtains?


1. Can be operated by sitting in any corner of your room.

2. You can attach a smart switch module or programable timer to the curtain. This helps to open & close the curtain at a scheduled time.

3. Provides a smart & rich look to your interior.

4. Beneficial for the elderly people who find it difficult to move for the opening, closing, or adjustment of curtains.

5. Can be used for curtains that are above your reach or inaccessible.


1. Motorized curtains certainly cost more when compared to regular curtains.

2. Needs skilled workers to install the curtain.

3. If the curtain gets stuck due to a failure in the mechanism, you cannot open them by hand.

4. Regular maintenance & repair will be a minus point when compared to the normal curtains.

4. Can I motorize my existing curtains?

Yes. The existing curtains can be reused with the motorized track. Most of the regular curtain hooks are compatible with the automatic curtain tracks.

Nowadays, you can use a switchBot to fit into any regular curtains for to & fro operation. Switch bot rolls over the track and moves the curtain along with it. 

Within a few minutes, you can install switchBot over the existing curtain tracks to start the operation.

5. How much does it cost for automatic curtains?

SwitchBot curtain cost INR 7899/- per no.

Motorized curtain system ranges from INR 15000/- to INR 45000/-, depending upon their functionality & operating capacity.

6. Do motorized curtains has timers?

Yes. You can set programable timers for the motorized curtains. By using smart switches, you can operate them by Alexa or google mini. 

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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