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What is the ACP sheet?/ Pros & cons of ACP sheets.

 1. What is the ACP sheet?

ACP stands for aluminum composite panels. They have a core material sandwiched between the two thin aluminum sheets.

ACP sheets are available in a variety of textures & wide range of colors.

2. What are the advantages & disadvantages of the ACP sheet?


1. Weatherproof.

2. Easy to install.

3. It has a good strength-to-weight ratio.

4. Anti-corrosive & stain resistant.

5. UV resistant & hence no color fading.

6. Budget-friendly.

7. Available in a variety of colors & finishes.

8. Fireproof  & soundproof.

9. Highly durable. 

10. They are good heat insulators.

11. They can be bent or folded as per the design requirement.

12. Environment friendly & are fully recyclable.

13. Anti termite & anti-fungal.

14. Low maintenance & easy to clean.


1. Susceptible to dents if hit by any hard objects or stones.

2. Chances of water penetration through the joints if the sealing is improper.

 3. Where we can use ACP sheets?

ACP sheets are used for

1. Wall panelings.

2. The exterior architectural claddings.

3. Signboards & name boards.

4. Cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes, & modular kitchens.

5. The equipment & machinery coverings.

6. To build the partitions for the offices & home interior.

7. False ceilings.

8. Canopy, overhang, & soffits.

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