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What are laminate sheets?/ Price & specification of sunmica or laminate sheets.

 1. What are laminate sheets?

Laminate sheets are the protective top layer glued over all types of wooden furniture, plywood, particle boards, wall panels, etc. 

They have printed patterns of various color combinations to provide a beautiful & aesthetic look to the items.

2. How laminate sheets are manufactured?

The laminate sheets are composite products containing several thin layers pressed together. The core is made of HDF board or by the impregnation of craft or decor papers with phenolic resins.

It has a top wear layer to protect against abrasion, stain resistance, and wear resistance. The bottom or base layer is made of melamine resins to provide strength & dimensional stability. 

The second layer just beneath the wear layer is a decorative layer or a print film. The 2nd layer provides the needed designs in various colors or finishings for the aesthetic look.

3. What is the difference between Sunmica,  & laminate sheets?

Sunmica is a leading manufacturer brand that produces laminate sheets in India. Sunmica is the earliest & most popular brand in India that manufactures laminate sheets. 

Nowadays,  there are several laminate sheets producing companies in India. But in layman's terms, all types of laminates are still referred to as Sunmica by the general public.

4. What are the dimensions of laminate sheets?

Standard sizes of laminate sheets are

Length  👉 8'

Breadth 👉 4'

Thickness 👉 0.5mm. to 1.5mm.

                👉  0.5mm., 0.6mm., 0.8mm., 1.0mm., 1.2mm., 1.5mm.


5. Where to use a particular type of laminate sheet?

The thickness of the laminate sheets is an important factor in deciding the price of that particular sheet. So while fixing the sheets, we have to select the particular thickness to save in our budget.

Less thickness means lower strength & durability & is also cheap in price.


 0.5mm.- 0.8mm. thickness 👉 should be used in the interior surface of wardrobes, Almera, kitchen cabinets, etc.

1.0mm. to 1.2mm. thickness 👉 should be used for furniture, the exterior of wardrobes, cabinets, shelves, etc.

1.5mm. thickness 👉 should be used for the exterior parts where there is a chance of impact loads such as doors, cupboard shutters, partitions, etc.


6. What is the cost of laminate sheets?

The cost of the laminate sheets depends upon the thickness, brand, color pattern, & type of material used in making the sheet.

However, the standard price of sheets depending on their thickness are,

0.5mm. & 0.6mm.   👉  500 to 650/sheet

0.8mm. & 1.0mm.   👉 750 to 1100/sheet.

1.2mm. & 1.5mm.   👉 1250 to 2400/sheet.

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