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What are metal wall arts?/Installation guide of metal wall art.

Let us go through some of the FAQs related to metal wall art as follows.

 1. What are metal wall arts?

Metal wall arts are the decorative items used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the building's interior. They are hung over the plain wall surface of all types of buildings such as hotels, office cabins, home interiors, etc. to beautify these areas.

Metal wall arts are also available with LED lights provided at the back side so that it will glow at night time.

Metal wall arts are made of all types of metals & alloys like iron, copper, aluminum, bronze, etc. as primary material. The interior body of wall art may contain glass pieces, beads, fibers, etc. to provide the needed appearance.

2. Where we should hang or install metal wall art?

The metal wall art should be hung over the smooth & plain wall surface of the building interior. The contrast color of the wall art against the wall painting looks good. That means, if the shade of the wall painting is a light color, the metal art should be chosen in a darker color design. 

 The height of the metal wall art should be such that it should not touch your head or shoulders when you walk near the wall area.

They should not be hung over existing wallpapers, PVC wall panels, or any printed boards installed over the wall surface. This spoils the beauty of artwork & fails to create its stylish impact of decor.

3. Can we hang metal wall art on the exterior wall surface?

The primary material used in making the wall art is iron & other metals. The exterior weather brings dullness & iron may get rusted over time. 

The best option is to use fiber wall hangings at the exterior wall surface of the entrance door rather than hanging metal art.

4. How to install metal wall art?

The best height for hanging the metal wall art is at eye level for easy viewing. That means, the center of the artwork should be between 4.5ft. to 5.5ft. from the floor level.


1. We have to measure the distance between the center of two no. of hooks provided at the backside of the wall art.

2. Draw a straight line over the wall at the needed height by using a spirit level.

3. Mark the measured distance of the wall art hook over the straight line drawn.

4. Drill the two holes using a drill machine & insert the wall plug.

5. If the weight of the metal wall art is above 10 kg., use heavier screws, nails, or J- hooks to support the item.

6. The screws should be inserted in such a way that the depth of the wall art hook should be equal to the depth of the screw part left on the outer side of the wall surface for hanging purposes.

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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