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How much area of slab can be casted with 1 transit mixer truck?

 Transit mixer trucks are available having different concrete carrying capacities. The baby transit mixer comes with 3.5 cum. of capacity, while the bigger trucks carry 12 cum. of concrete.

The most common type of transit mixer has a capacity of 6 cum. of concrete.

Known data:

The thickness of the slab = 125 mm. = 0.125m.

Transit mixer capacity = 6 cum.


The volume of concrete of 1 transit mixer

            = [area of the slab х thickness of the slab]

6 cum  = [area of the slab х 0.125m.]

Area of slab = [ 6 cum ÷ 0.125]

                   = 48 m²

We can cast 48 m² of slab area by using 1 transit mixer of 6 cum capacity.

Area in sq ft.:

1sq m. = 10.764 sq ft.

Therefore, the total area of the slab in sq ft. that can be cast 

= [48 х 10.764]

= 516.67 sq ft.

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.


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