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Why we do not provide circular columns in house construction?/Why are columns rectangular or square in shape in buildings?

Let us go through 7 different reasons that make us avoid circular columns in the building framework.

 1. Architectural appearance:

When we provide a circular column in the framed structure, they bulge out of the masonry wall. We cannot align their outer surface in line with the wall surface. 

The curved surface in the exterior & interior of the building looks odd from the architectural point of view.

2. Space utilization:

A round column eats more space in the building interiors. As you can observe in the above drawing, a round column obstructs the corner placing of the bed cot & needs more space for circulation. 

In the case of the rectangular column, we can utilize the total interior as they fall in alignment with the wall surface.

3. Door & window fixing:

Let us consider fixing doors D1 & D2 at column points C7 & C9 respectively, as shown above.

Which one will be easier for you?

Definitely, you will select door D2 as an easy go for installation. Here again, door D1 makes a waste of space when we open it. But, door D2 touches the wall surface & the space is utilized fully.

The same thing is true when we install windows at the column junctions. 

4. Orientation:

The orientation of the column is done in such a way that the sectional length of the column is in the major plane of bending. The columns are made in a rectangular shape & oriented in the direction to resist the moments as required.

If you want to know more about this concept in detail,

Go through the article 👇

👀.   How the orientation of the column is decided?

If we provide a circular column, we cannot take advantage of its shape. If we orient the round columns, it won't make any change in the moment-resisting capability of the column.

5. Formwork:

Formwork for the round shape needs MS materials to manufacture the molds. Extra care is needed for its erection, casting, & finishing. We cannot use the same mold when the diameter of the column changes. 

The formwork for the square or rectangular shape is made easily by using battens & plywood. We can utilize this formwork for different sizes & any building carpenter can do this job.

Therefore, casting the round columns is expensive & time-consuming.

6. Finishing:

Plastering & finishing over a round shape is a tedious job when compared to flat surfaces. They need skilled workers, & again that adds more money to our construction budget.

7. Sign board:

Rectangular shape provides a flat surface for the advertising, display boards, & sign boards. We cannot utilize the surface of round-shaped columns as they are not observable & noticeable. 

Here I am talking about open columns in the basements & in the interior of commercial buildings.

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