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Cost & other basic things of aluminum sliding windows.

 When you have decided to install an aluminum sliding window in your home, you may find a market rate varying from INR 210/- per sq ft. to 380/- per sq ft.

You might be thinking, 😎

What makes such a huge difference in costs?  

Which one should I go for?

First, let us understand the reasons behind the rate differences. 

The following 5 factors decide the rate of the aluminum sliding windows.

1. Type of surface finish: 

The surface coating is done in two different methods. They are anodized coating & powder coating.

 The cost of an anodized finish is nearly 1.4X times that of powder-coated material.

2. Material brand :

Top trending brands for their quality are Jindal, Tata Pravesh, Fenesta, Grekon, etc. The branded materials are long-lasting, having superior finish & uniform thickness.

3. Size of window & no. of tracks:

The aluminum windows are available in 2,3, or 4 no. of tracks for sliding purposes. If you select a higher number of tracks for a medium-sized window, it will certainly cost you more.

4. Type & thickness of glass:

Usually, glasses of 5mm. to 8mm. thickness is used while making the aluminum frames. And again, the type of glasses also contributes to the cost of the aluminum window.

5. Quality of accessories: 

Different parts like bearings, rubber packing, locking systems, screws, etc. are needed to make the total window bodies. The accessories made by a branded company will definitely make the window available at a higher range.

So, if you bargain only for the lower rate for the sq ft. of the window, the contractor may agree to your rate. 

But he won't make those windows for you with losses 😂 right!

He will compromise by utilizing the lower quality materials of non-branded local companies.


1. If you are ready to pay 30 % extra, then you can go for anodized windows. If not, powder-coated windows are a good option for what you pay for.

2. Always choose branded materials from renowned companies. 

3. In any case, the thickness of the glass should not be less than 5mm. 

4. For the windows above 4 ft. in width, installing 3-track sliding will be advantageous.

5. To prevent the entry of insects, it is better to install a mosquito net in one frame.

6. Ask for the window bearing & locking system made by branded companies.

Market rate:

The cost of installing an anodized aluminum window       👉  INR 300/- to 380/- per sq ft.

The cost of installing powder-coated aluminum window   👉  INR 210/- to 280/- per sq ft.


1. The above rates are inclusive of material & labor.

2. Rate may vary depending upon geographical locations.


Mostly, the aluminum windows for residential buildings are 4 ft. in height. The width may vary from 3ft. to 5ft. depending upon the room size.

For the calculation purpose, let us consider an aluminum sliding window of size 4ft. x 5ft.

⬥. Area of aluminum sliding window 

                                           =  [4ft. x 5ft.]

                                           = 20 sq ft.

⬥. The cost of an anodized window 

    = [ rate/sq ft.  x window area]

     = [ 340/-  x 20 sq ft. ]

      = INR 6800/-

⬥. The cost of powder-coated window 

    = [ rate/sq ft.  x window area]

     = [245/-  x 20 sq ft. ]

      = INR 4900/-


For the calculation purpose, the average market rate/sq ft. is considered.

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.


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