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Things to be known before installing UV PVC marble sheets./What are UV marble sheets?

  Let us go through some of the FAQs that are useful to understand UV PVC marble sheets in a better way.

1. What are UV PVC marble sheets?

UV marble sheets are made of laminated PVC print having a UV film coating over the surface. They look similar to marble finish having a glossy look. 

These sheets are extensively used for wall cladding to provide an ultra-modern look to a room. These panels are also utilized in ceiling works, furniture, LED display units, etc.

2. What are the specifications of UV marble sheets?

UV marble length  👉     8 ft.

                   Width  👉     4 ft.

            Thickness  👉     1mm., 1.2mm., 1.5mm., 2mm., & 3mm.

UV film coating over the marble sheet helps to retain the shine & color of the printed design & enhances the life span of the sheet.

3. Can we use a UV marble sheet directly over the damp wall area?

Yes. For a damp wall surface, you can use a UV marble sheet of 3mm. thickness having a PVC layer at the back end. This installation will be OK if there is no seepage in the wall & the dampness is at a lower degree.


The best method is to install a PVC board of 6mm. thickness as a base layer over the water-prone area. The UV marble sheet should be fixed over the PVC board.

4. What will be the installation cost of UV marble sheets?

The installation cost of UV PVC marble sheet depends upon several factors such as,

1. Brand & quality of the sheet.

2. Thickness of the marble sheet.

3. Coverage area & sheet wastage.

4. Whether the wall is dry or damp.

5. Geographical location.

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👀. What will be the installation cost of UV PVC marble sheets?

Considering all these factors, the average market rate for

     Dry wall: INR 130/- to 150/- per sq ft.

 Damp wall: INR 160/- to 180/- per sq ft.

(The extra cost will be due to the PVC board layer) 

5. Is it necessary to use profile Patti for the UV marble sheet installation?

Yes. Profile Patti provides the required strength, stability, & aesthetic appearance to the wall. 

U-profile patti is used at the outer edges or boundary of the sheet. T- profile Patti is used in between the two sheets to hold them together.

6. What are the basic necessary steps to be followed to install UV marble sheets?

Following are some of the steps to be remembered before installing UV marble sheets.

1. Wall finish: 

The wall surface should be plain without any undulations & dents. If ups & downs are present over the wall, it creates voids within the installed UV marble sheets. Over the years, the sheet may come apart due to weak bonding. 

2. Profile Patti: 

In the installation process, it is advisable to use profile Patti at the required positions. They firmly hold the sheets & provide the required stability. 

It is OK to install the sheets for a smaller area of a wall without using profile patti. The glue will do its job of holding the sheet for a smaller dry area.

But for a total area of the wall, & especially for a damp wall, using profile patti is a should & must.

3. Cap screw:

Use a cap screw to firmly anchor the sheets to the wall surface. They not only help to enhance the holding strength but are also aesthetic in appearance.

4. Seepage & dampness :

If there is a seepage in the wall, it is advisable to treat the wall before installing UV marble sheets. For the damp walls, you can fix PVC boards of 6mm. thickness as a base layer. 

Installing the UV marble sheets directly over the damp wall won't last long & the sheet may peel off in the near future.

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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