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Things to check before buying tiles./ How to buy right type of tiles./Useful tips for buying tiles.

 Following are some of the points to be known before buying tiles.

1. Color:

Hold the tile in the sunlight & watch the total surface colors. The color should be uniform throughout & it should not look dim or faded on any patch of the tile surface.

2. Scratch:

The surface of the tiles should be free from any dents or scratches. If you find any, it indicates that the surface is not hard enough to resist the scratches. Avoid such tiles as they won't last long.

3. Bend:

Keep the tile over a flat floor surface. Or keep a tile over another tile. There should not be any gap between the two. If there is a bend at the edges, you will find them as they create voids by lifting off.

4. Tile lot:

Dealer stores the tiles in lots of particular patterns of a known brand or company.

 When you buy a tile, make sure that all the tile boxes are of the same lot. The tiles of different lots may differ in their shades & there may be slight variations in colors.

5. Grade:

You may find in the market that a tile of a particular size & design differs in price from dealer to dealer. The main reason is its manufactured grade & brand.

Premium quality or A-grade tiles will cost more when compared to B-grade tiles. It is better to go for premium-grade tiles as they have a longer life span.

5. Thickness:

The thickness of the tile should be uniform along the outer edges. Otherwise, they will create uneven floor surfaces when installed.

6. Pattern match:

Tiles contain continual design patterns that will run over 3 to 4 tiles. That means when you install 4 tiles adjacent to one another, a printed design over these 4 tiles gets completed. 

Before buying tiles, don't select a particular tile by looking at one tile piece displayed in the showroom. Ask them to bring all 4 tiles in serial & look for the design it creates after keeping one aside from another.

7. Brand:

Always ask for the tiles of renowned brands. Don't settle down for any locally made tiles to save in your budget. You may find it lucrative at that moment but it will certainly create a headache in the future.

8. Availability:

When you purchase a tile, make sure that the dealer can make you avail the tile of that style in the future. 

While installing, if you need more no. of that type of tile, it should be readily available. 

9. Crack check:

Randomly open the tile boxes & check for any edge breakage or cracks over its surface. Once purchased, the dealer will not agree to replace such faulty tiles. 

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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