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Different types of concrete vibrators for compaction./ 5 types of concrete vibrators used in the construction works.

Concrete vibrators are construction equipment, used to consolidate wet concrete through vibration, to achieve dense concrete.



Following are the 5 types of commonly used concrete vibrators.

Needle or immersion vibrator:

 They are also called poker or internal vibrators. These types of vibrators are driven by kerosene, petrol, diesel engines, or by electric motors. The working efficiency of immersion vibrators will be more as they come directly in contact with the concrete. 
The flexible shaft rotates an eccentric weight inside the poker which creates vibration through oscillation.
The long flexible tube contains a vibrating needle at the end, which creates compaction when immersed in the concrete.

  2External or shutter vibrator:

 They are clamped to the formwork from the outside to achieve compaction of the concrete. These type of vibrators does not come in direct contact with the concrete. So, they are called by the name external vibrators. 

Shutter vibrators are clamped either vertically or horizontally to the formwork at required intervals. The position of shutter vibrators is shifted as the concrete work progresses.

 These vibrators are not efficient as compared to poker vibrators. But in the areas where you can not insert poker to work with, this type of vibrator is used.

3Vibratory table:

 The vibratory tables are used for compacting precast concrete products like pavers, RCC doors, RCC windows, cement poles, etc. The vibrator is attached beneath the table and the concrete is poured into the molds, which are kept over the table.

 In the laboratory, such types of vibrators are used to produce the testing materials. The compaction is achieved within the total volume of concrete, taken within the molds.

4Surface vibrator:

  They are two types.

a. Screed vibrator:

They vibrate the concrete, at the time of screeding or surface finishing work. The vibrator is clamped to the metal Patti which in turn compacts the concrete. Effective up to the depth of 200mm. It is used in horizontal concrete works like cement flooring, PCC works, etc.

b. Pan vibrator: 

They are also called plate vibrators. Similar to the screed vibrators they are used over horizontal concrete surfaces. But here, the vibrator is clamped to the base plates. Pan vibrators compact the concrete up to a depth of 250mm.

5. Rebar shakers:

These tools are held over or attached to the reinforcement bar that is immersed in the green concrete. The rebars act as immersed needles by vibrating the surrounding concrete. After pouring the concrete into the formwork, shakers are attached to the rebars for a short period of time. They vibrate steel rods, which in turn transfer the vibration to the concrete.
When compared to immersion vibrators, shakers are less effective in compacting the concrete.

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For a better understanding, watch the video given below, where all 5 types of vibrators were described with individual images.


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