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Different types of soil compaction tools./ Mini soil compacting tools/Soil compaction machinery.

Soil compaction tools are construction equipment, which is used to consolidate soil and hence increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil. Now, let us go through the mini compaction tools, particularly used in buildings and trenches.

They are broadly divided into 3 main types.

1. Rammers: 

Compaction is achieved by the impact load generated by the tool. They are, either manual or mechanical types to work with. Rammers are most suitable for cohesive-type soils as they can be consolidated in a better way by impact load. 

Since the working area of these tools is small, they are ideal for trenches and small pits.  They are easy to operate in congested areas where using other types of compaction tools is not possible. 

2. Vibratory plate compactors:

Here, the compaction is done by the vibratory action and dead load of the machine. Unlike rammers, the base plate area is more, which covers a larger space area during compaction. But the effective compaction depth will be normally between 15cm. to 40cm.  for soil layers. 

Plate compactors are most suitable for the granular type of soil. They are either single-direction or reversible direction types of plate compactors. 

Reversible direction compactors are heavier with a larger base plate when compared to single-direction types. They can be moved in both forward and backward motion.

3.  Hand roller compactor

They are, either manual or mechanical types of roller compactors. In the manual type, the roller is made of stones, concrete, or steel materials to carry weight. Here, consolidation is achieved only through the dead weight of the machine.

 But vibration with deadweight gives better compaction in mechanical rollers.

 Mechanical rollers are further subdivided into single-drum types and double-drum rollers according to the no. of drums carried by the machine. A small water tank is provided over the machine to drip water over the roller at the time of compaction.

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To have a better understanding, it is advisable to watch the video given below which carries an explanation with images.


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