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Field test for good quality of cement

field test for good quality of cement/field test for cement/cement tests/different site test for cement
Following are some field tests, that should be carried out to know the quality of cement.

 1.     Date of packing:

 It should be within 3 months at the time of purchase.

2.      Lumps test:

 It should be free from any lumps which might be formed due to the atmospheric moisture.

3.    Colour test:

 Cement should be of uniform grey color, with a light green shade.

4.    Float test

When little quantity of cement is poured into a bucket of water, some part of it should float on water for a few seconds, forming pockets before sinking.

5.   Setting test:

 A thick paste of cement should be applied evenly over the piece of a glass. After an initial setting time of 30 minutes, it should be kept in water for 24 hours. Next day, when you test the cement, it should be hard in a single piece, if it breaks into several pieces then the cement is not of good quality.

6.   Adulteration test:

 When cement is rubbed between two fingers, you should get the smooth feeling of fine powders. If you feel the rough grainy texture, then there is a possibility of adulteration.

7.  Temperature test: 

When kept over the palm, you should feel the normal atmospheric heat. It should not be much warmer.

For a better explanation, you can watch the video given here.



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