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Things to be known before buying a land/Selecting a right site(plot) to build your own house./Checklist to buy a land.

Before buying a site to build your own house, you have to survey all the pros and cons as per your budget and requirement. The following are the 10 main things (checklist), which should be considered, for buying a site (plot).

Building site

1. Size of the plot:

 First, you have to figure out the area of the house which you want to build on the site. Draw a rough plan of the house including all the necessary things needed by you and your family members.
 After calculating the house area, add the offsets on all four sides as per the building bylaws of that region, where you want to build your home. Include predecided open space, vehicle parking area, garden area, to get a clear picture of the land area which you intend to purchase.

2. Your budget:

 First, you calculate the amount which you can allocate for the site so that in the remaining amount you can build your dream house with the needed facility. Check out for the bank loan facility, and the margin amount which you can afford, to arrive at the budget size. This calculation gives you to filter out unnecessary findings and waste of your time.

3. Locality:

 After fixing your budget and the size of the site, now you can search them in those localities of your interest, narrowing your preferences in selecting the right site.

  After preparing the list of a handful of site areas, now the next question which comes into your mind is, which is the best site for me to build my house? To solve that question, you go through the following checklists, to have a clearer idea.

4. Ground stability:

 Check the soil type of the site, by testing some samples. Unstable earth with low bearing capacity will increase the foundation cost and in turn, it will affect your budget.

5. Utilities

Check out for the drainage facility, water supply line, electric supply with the nearby connection point, gutter for the rainwater, etc,.and compare them in all of the sites lists.

6. Accessibility:

 Check out for the good road connectivity, schools,  colleges, public transport facility, grocery market, hospitals, etc. Later on, this cost of transport will add to your monthly budget.

7. Atmosphere:

 Check out for the availability of sunlight for your solar panel, air circulation, ventilation, nearby gardens for morning walk, etc. If there is a tall structure nearby, which blocks all such basic needs, it is better to drop such sites from your list.

8. Ground level

Always the ground level of the site should be nearer to or above the road level. Filling the ground will add extra weight to your budget.

9. Disturbances


You have to make a good survey of the area, for nearby railway tracks, home industries, factories, they create air and noise pollution disturbing your mental peace.

10. Positive energy and Vastu:

Vastu Purusha.

When you enter the site area, it should give you a refreshing filling which indicates the positive energy circulation on site. The site should be of uniform size(triangular plot should be avoided) with the east-facing road as the site entrance(as per Vastu).

After finishing all these checklists, you will arrive at the right decision to buy the best site to build your dream home. 

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