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Types of positive energy which energizes your home./ How to build positive energy at home.

types of positive energy at home/positive home energy
Positive energy

This whole Universe is made up of infinite energy which runs in a rhythmic pattern. All the matters which exist in this universe have their own vibrational energy to co-exist as a part of the universe.
Since our home where we dwell, also emits energy as a sum total of all types of vibrations, either positive or negative.

Now let us look into the different types of energy, which affect the vibration of our home, and in the next part, let us go through different ways to enhance the positive energy.

1. Emotional energy

All living beings, especially humans, carry emotions within them. Some are positive in nature like love, happiness, and some are negative like anger, fear, jealousy, etc. Positive energy raises the vibrations of the surrounding atmosphere within your home, and the opposite is true for negative emotions.

 Your family members, visitors to your home, like your friends,  guests, decide the energy level of your home, according to the emotions they carry.

2. Electromagnetic energy

All the electronic equipment like t.v., computer, cell phone, etc. emit electromagnetic radiational energy which is negative in nature. The frequency emitted by these devices is unhealthy, which disturbs the normal functioning of our body cells.

3. Physical vibrational energy:

 As I said earlier, all the nonliving and living beings vibrate in a particular frequency. The vibrational frequency of glass in your home is different from that of the wooden door. Even different colors have their individual vibrational frequency which does not match with each other. As your home is made up of a bunch of all these matters, the energy level depends on their arrangement, quantity, color, etc.

4. Magnetic (directional) field energy:

 Our Earth carries a magnetic field, with the north and south axis. So the orientation of our house becomes an important factor in energizing and filling with positive energy. The direction of the opening of the main door, the position of your kitchen and bedroom, ample ventilation, air circulation, etc. are some factors that decide the amount of positive energy carried by your home.

5. Lifeforce energy:

 This energy is omnipresent in the whole of the universe. You can trap them by the pyramid, dome,arch-like structures, or by keeping items of that shape in your home. Some plants like white basil, bamboo plant(feng shui), money plants do that job for you.

                                                                                                                              continued 👉


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