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How to bring positive energy at home./How to enhance house energy./How to increase home vibrational energy.

Oil lamp

Incense stick

When you come home tired by doing all day work, the place where you want to dwell should recharge you and your body & it should boost your energy and good emotions. If your home is not energized positively, then it will drain energy from your body making you more exhausted.

  The following are the different ways to bring positive energy to your home.

1. Indoor plants:

bamboo plant.

 They boost up positive energy in your home by attracting them from the surrounding atmosphere. They also act as home decorating accessories giving natural look to your home.

2. Sunlight

You have to bring in ample sunlight by opening your windows and curtains, as the sun is the primary source of life force energy. The sunlight is also beneficial in minimizing the harmful microorganisms to provide you with good health.

3. Clutters & scraps:

 You should not make a collection of things or items which is not useful in the long run. Clear all the scraps at least once in six months, otherwise, they become a good source to absorb negative energy.

4. Burn Oil lamp:

 Here I am talking about vegetable oils and not petroleum products. The best oil which should be used is sesame oil and mustard oil. The other types of vegetable oils are also beneficial in removing the negative vibes, but those two rank in the first and second place. The best time to burn these lamps is immediately after the sunset or at the time when you pray.

5. Prayer:

 You have to give at least 10 minutes of time for the daily prayer. If all the family members gather and pray together it will boost the life force energy 10X times more making you, your family members & your home, immune to the lower energy vibrations.

6. Home cleaning

It will be better if you make an arrangement for the footwear to be kept in the outer part of your home. Keeping them at the main entrance door should be avoided. House should be cleaned and mopped removing spider web if any, built in the house corners. 

7. Natural cleanser:

 Some of the items which can be used to remove negative vibes are common salt, rock salt,  lemon juice, cow urine[gomutra], etc. You can use them in the water while you are mopping or the glass of water solution prepared by mixing them can be kept in the corner of your house. The water solution should be replaced at a regular interval of time.

8. Mantra/Good music:

 You should run good music in your home which vibrates at the resonance of the divine energy. It brings well-being and mental peace to you and elevates the positive vibe of your home.

9. Fragrance:

 It is a well-known fact that fragrance is always associated with positive universal energy. You can burn incense sticks, camphor, or you can bring in the flowers with the fragrance to spread an aroma in your home.

10. Pyramid/Yantra

Meru Shree Yantra.

It is scientifically proved that pyramid structures attract the life force energy from their apex point. The one which is made of crystal stones and copper works better by tapping more energy. You can keep them in any corner of your room to energize your home. 
The Meru Shree yantra should be hollow from inside to energize the house.

11. Feng shui: 

You can use Feng Shui articles which give add-on support to change the energy level of your home.

12. Good pictures/Coloring: 

All the colors (especially VIBGYOR) have different vibrational patterns which in turn decide your emotion and mood. Good color combination while painting your home also carry some weight in positive energy enhancement. Hanging some happy-looking pictures or nature's image on your wall is another way of balancing the home energy.

13. Gardening:

 Some outdoor plants like holy basil, sage, aloe vera, money plant, mint, etc. bring good energy to your surrounding by tapping them. Make it a hobby of maintaining at least a small garden in your land area by planting them.

14. Air circulation:

 Fresh & natural air brings good energy carried with it. Keep your doors and windows open for good air circulation which should enter the home by passing over the positive garden which you have maintained.


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