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What is garden ornaments?/Garden ornament and their types.

Garden ornaments are the items or articles used in the gardens, parks, and landscaping to enhance the beauty and appearance to have a pleasing look.

what is garden ornaments?/garden ornaments and its types/different types of garden ornaments
Garden ornament

They are made up of weather-resistant materials like stone, concrete, terracotta, ceramic, rustproof alloys and metals, synthetic materials like resins, plastic polymers, etc. Garden ornaments can be broadly classified as follows.

1. Garden plaques

They can be either horizontal or vertical wall plaques. They appear in huge patterns with scripts and carvings to represent history, name, memorial, or certain garden signs.

2. Garden statuary:

 The statue can be of anything like birds, insects, animals, plants, angels, etc. They are placed depending on the surroundings like the tortoise in the pond, butterfly in a garden, which fits accordingly to give a natural look.

3. Garden fountain:

 Fountains are the main center of attraction in public parks and gardens. They are decorated with lights of different colors, which gives a must-see look at the nighttime.

4. Garden urns:

 They are the decorative type of ornaments usually placed on either side of the pathway or at the entrance. They also serve as beautiful planters with an artistic look.

5. Garden obelisks:

They are made up of different materials or as living obelisks by cutting and shaping the plant. The plant needs to be pruned periodically to maintain its shape.

6. Garden arches:

 Similar to the obelisk, they are either living or non-living ornaments. Plants were allowed to grow on arches to give them a pleasant look.

7. Garden ponds and bridges:

 The inclusion of a water body with cross-over bridges gives a broader look to the parks, which attracts more public, especially children.

8. Garden hanging:

 Bird's nests, wind chimes, artistic pots, artificial fruits, etc. are some examples that are hanged to decorate the garden. Such types of ornaments can be mostly seen in home gardens.

9. Garden furniture

They serve two purposes in the gardens and parks. You can sit and relax over them and also they add their contribution to the decoration of gardens.

To have a clearer idea with images, for all the above said 9 types of garden ornaments, you can watch the video given below.



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