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Field test for good quality of burnt clay bricks.

Now let us see the different types of field tests to find out the good quality of burnt clay bricks.

Burnt clay bricks

 1. Shapes and sizes

It should have sharp edges with uniform shape and size. The maximum allowance at both ends should be  ±3 mm.

2. Colour test:

 It should be in deep red or copper-like color. Black or clay-like color indicates the brick is of low quality.

3. Sound test

When two bricks were stuck with each other, it should give a clear metallic sound.

4. Hardness test

When we scratch the brick with our fingernails, it should not leave any impressions. Such bricks are considered good-quality clay bricks.

5. Drop test

When dropped from about a  height of 1.2 m. to 1.5 m., the brick should not break into pieces to ensure its good quality.

To go through the field & laboratory tests conducted in civil engineering,  click here.

    Watch the video given below to see the clippings of all the tests.

Thank you for going through this field test . Have a good day 😄.

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