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How to remove the hardened concrete from a concrete mixer?/How to clean the concrete mixer./Procedure to clean concrete mixer.

Cleaning the concrete mixer

 After completing the concrete work, some leftover concrete material forms a hard inner layer of the mixer. These concrete layers gradually increase in their volume, if not cleaned properly. 
Now, let us go through the two different methods of cleaning the concrete mixer to keep it clean and workable.

Cleaning the wet concrete.

1. After the completion of the day's work, you have to add two to three buckets of clean water to the mixer and rotate it for about one to two minutes. Then drain the water fully by rotating the handle.

2. Now, add coarse aggregate, say about 30 to 40 liter (use ghamela), and rotate the mixer as said above. The aggregate scrapes down all the adhered concrete material by rubbing action. Continue the procedure until all the sticky material leaves the inner metal surface of the mixer. Empty the mixer by rotating the handle.

3.  Again flush the mixer with the water, rotate, and drain them fully as done before. It will be better if you spray the water using the pipe(if available) forcefully. Spray the water on the outer body of the mixer also.

Cleaning the dry concrete.

1.  Add a bucket of water to the mixer and start the rotation. While rotating, gently tap the mixer from outside using small hammers, taking care to see that no dents were placed over the mixer. Using a rubber mallet will be the better option to avoid such dents. Most of the larger concrete layers will fall off the inner surface by this action. Rotate the handle and drain out the mixer.

2.  Now use a chisel or mini concrete breaker (if possible) to remove the smaller chunks from inside in a gradual phase, taking care to see that the tools will not damage the concrete mixer. After chiseling the maximum part of the hard concrete, empty the mixer as said above.

3.  Now make a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid(HCl) by adding 2part of the water to one part of the acid. It is advisable to wear protective goggles and rubber hand gloves before carrying out this part of the procedure. Start the mixer rotation, and add the solution gradually till it spreads to all the inner parts of the mixer. This procedure will be kept running until all the cement materials leave the mixer and the metal part of the mixer is visible. Drain the mixer as you did earlier.

4. Wash the mixer with the freshwater and drain it out completely.

Always take care to clean the mixer when the concrete is wet only. Repetitively cleaning the mixer to remove hard and dry concrete will damage your mixer gradually in the long run. 

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