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Different types of sand washing machines./ Sand washing machines used in construction site.

 Washing the construction sand removes the silt, dirt, organic matter, and unwanted chemical components. This is a must to maintain the quality of sand as per the required specification.

Let us look into the different types of construction sand washing machines available in the market to achieve this task.

1. Screw-type sand washing machines:

They are also called by the name spiral-type sand washing machines. As you can see in fig., they have spiral screws made up of steel, with one end immersed in the container, which holds the constant water level. The other end is attached to the gearbox which is driven by the motor. 

They are manufactured in various sizes having different sand-washing capacities.

To double up the process, as you can see in fig., a double screw type variant is also available, which is preferred for the larger construction site.

The slope of the machine should be adjusted to get the sand of the required quality.

2. Bucket-wheel type sand washing machine :

The container tank is supplied with water, and the sand which should be washed is fed into this container. A belt conveyor is used for feeding the sand in the machines. These machines have a higher-end washing capacity. The wheel bucket rotates in the container, agitating and washing the sand, as shown in the image below.

They are available in different dimensions, and capacities. They come in 2 types or variants

1. Single bucket variant.

2. Double-bucket variants.

3.  Sand screening cum washing machines :

This is two in one type of machine, where you can sieve and wash the sand simultaneously. It saves labor costs if in the case, sand brought from the supplier needs to undergo, both these procedures.

The upper portion of the machine is provided with the screening mesh, which vibrates or makes a to-and-fro motion to sieve the sand. The screened sand falls into the lower part of the machine, where it gets washed up by the screw conveyor.

These types of machines are available in different models, with or without attached pulling tie rods. But, the basic working principle is the same in all these types.

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