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What are domestic water tank filters.?/ Different types of overhead water tank filters.

 Water tank filters work as pre-filters to remove undissolved heavier particles from your inlet water in the domestic plumbing system. They are gravity filters, installed at the outlet of your overhead water tank.


They usually have a polypropylene plastic outer body, with the inner body made up of stainless steel mesh, in the 120-150 micron size. The meshes act as a filter that removes the dirt of heavier size.

The images given below show the inner stainless steel filter and outer body of the filter with an inlet and outlet for the plumbing connections.

stainless steel filter
                                                          The inner stainless steel filter body
water tank filter
                                                   The outer plastic body of the filter

These water tank filters are available in different shapes like Y-type, T-type, and L-type as shown in the fig. below.

                                                                              Y-type filter

  l type filter
                                                                         L - type filter

t type filter
                                                                   T - type filter.

Water tank filters are available for different pipe dimensions like 1 inch,1.5 inches, and 2.0 inches, etc. which you can choose according to your existing plumbing pipe diameter.

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Advantages of  water tank filters:

1.   They prolong the life of the domestic plumbing system.

2.   A drinking water purifier system that is installed in your home needs less maintenance, as the pre-filter removes much of the larger particles.

3.  It saves your home appliances like washing machines, geysers, showers, etc. from clogging, which extends their life and maintenance period.

Disadvantages of water tank filters:

1.   The dissolved matter in the water cannot be removed by this filter.

2.   Finer particles and organisms pass through the filter, so they are not the substitute for the drinking water purifier.


Periodically you have to clean the inner body of the filter by washing them in the tap water, to remove the filtered matters.

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