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Measuring positive home energy using pendulum.


Your home should have positive vibrations which can be replenished by following certain methods. By using the crystal pendulum, you can measure the level of your home energy, which gives you the idea of positive vibrations dwelling in your home.

Procedure to measure the positive home energy using pendulum:

1.  You have to use the chart as shown below, which has the energy index marked over it from 0 to 9 number, to check out the energy level of your home. You can prepare your own chart easily and take care to use pink paper or paint a pink color in the background.

Energy index chart.

2.  Place the energy index chart at the central position (approximate) of your home and point the tip of the pendulum at the triangle drawn over the chart. It is advisable to use a crystal pendulum, as they resonate well with the home vibrations.

quartz crystal pendulum.

3.  Now lift the pendulum tip about 2 to 3 inches from the energy chart and transfer your intention of measuring home energy to the pendulum, just by requesting it to do your job.

pendulum above the chart triangle.

4.  After a few seconds, the pendulum starts swinging in to and fro movement till the edge of the chart.

5.  The sway of the pendulum from the central triangle point to passing above any number indicates the home energy level mentioned over the chart. Here, 0 represents high vibration, and no. 9 shows the extremely negative energy. You can judge your home energy as the pendulum is dowsing over any of these nos. between 0 to 9.

6.  Similarly, you can measure any other buildings or individual rooms' energy level by following the same procedure.


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